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Frame Savers


Starting at: $147.00

Sweet! Aluminum, Spring-Loaded. Money Well Spent!
Revolutionized accessories for protecting your motorcycle from damaging. Replaceable parts available. Only takes 1 pair to get started. You will see for yourself how well it works!

Available for:
All Suzuki's (brackets available)
All Yamaha's
All Honda's
& Most other sport bikes

Brackets are available to avoid cutting the fairing (please select bracket option below).

Easy to install:
The frame savers will fit almost any bike as long as you have a bolt base which means you can mount it on any surface which has a bolt into the bike. Most bikes have a bolt on both sides of the center of the engine which is sometimes hidden behind the fairing. You need to cut a hole through the fairing if necessary to expose that bolt to the frame. If it is necessary to cut the fairing, you must use masking tape on the surface prior to cutting, as this will allow for a clean cut. Most of the time, you can use your own bolt; if the bolt is too short, you can purchase (at any hardware store) the right length. It will look good when you're done. Hundreds of people have already done this. Don't be afraid to customize your own bike to protect yourself and your bike at the same time. The frame savers are easy to install with specific drawings to help you in putting it together. All you need is a 4mm allen wrench and the right size socket wrench to remove the bolt from the bike and install the base of the frame saver - (see photo). Anybody can do it.

How it works?
The frame saver is the most revolutionized product for preventing injury to yourself and protecting your bike. This product is a fundamental shock absorber to protect your investment.

Note to buyers:
Please supply the Year, Make, and Model of bike.

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